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Is this Classic Thor Character in WandaVision?

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I’m no YouTube television sleuth (yet) but WandaVision has empowered my inner detective and, upon re-watching and brainstorming alongside my girlfriend, we may have caught something that I’ve yet to see any other channels discuss. On the off-chance we've nailed this, I needed to put our time-stamped theory in to the universe to verify our brilliance (humbly). The theory: Beta Ray Bill, Thor's Korbinite comrade, is potentially living in Westview.

An item resembling an Asgardian-type figure.
Fig. 1. Still from Shakman, WandaVision Ep. 2 (03:50).

In the animated title sequence for WandaVision Episode 2, there’s obviously lots of easter eggs and comic nods. The one that grabbed all the attention was what appears to be the Grim Reaper’s helmet in the floorboards, a nod to The Vision (2015) storyline in which Vision’s wife, Virginia, kills Grim Reaper and buries his body on the property. However, in the same title sequence (at roughly the 3:50 mark), Wanda and Vision are in their living room and, on the nightstand to the left, there’s an item resembling a shaker that has the same winged helmet shape as Thor or...Beta Ray Bill.

Vision at a neighborhood watch meeting.
Fig. 2. Still from Shakman, WandaVision Ep. 2 (12:59).

Later in the same episode, Vision attends the neighborhood watch meeting at the Westview Public Library. Herb states he has "top secret intelligence" and tells the group that a treehouse built by “Johnson" was a prefab job, with Phil chiming in with “that blockhead can’t even swing a hammer.” Beta Ray Bill, in the comics, wielded Stormbreaker, a hammer that was created during the events of Avengers: Infinity War and is currently being wielded by Thor in the MCU. This reference to “Johnson” is seemingly a throwaway joke and unrelated to anyone of significance in itself...until Episode 6.

In Episode 6, Darcy hacks Director Hayward and discovers what appear to be medical files including specifically numbered case folders (Project C4-113, Project R4-123, amongst more), Monica Rambeau’s and one other name...Ray Johnson. Could this be Beta Ray Bill?

Darcy uncovering medical files while hacking Director Hayward.
Fig. 3. Still from Shakman, WandaVision Ep. 6 (20:44).

Fans of the MCU know that Beta Ray Bill's likeness appeared in Thor: Ragnarok and Kevin Feige has also stated Beta Ray Bill was initially slated to appear in the same movie but was cut so that he could have a more prominent role at a later date.

By now, fans know that these are the types of breadcrumbs Marvel prides itself on dropping that in turn lead to endless speculation and interpretation; a staple of the genius that is Kevin Feige. This can cause some radical and far-fetched conclusions from YouTubers, especially if it can pull in views. One theory I read involving Ray Johnson is that it’s actually a seldom-used alias of John Wraith, a member of Team X in the comics ⎯⎯ a team headlined by Wolverine. The theory then infers that Wolverine is obviously about to be unveiled, which would blow fans’ collective minds, of course. But, realistically, this seems like a heavy stretch at this juncture and out of place, despite the impending introduction of the mutants to the MCU after the Fox acquisition (the jury’s still out on Pietro).

How do you think Beta Ray Bill could potentially tie in to WandaVision? Tell me know your thoughts!

Screenshots Cited

Shakman, Matt, director. Wandavision. Marvel, uploaded by Disney+, 15 Jan. 2021


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